Sewing Shenanigans: Homemade Headboard :)


It’s been so long since I last posted! Sorry! Moving and staring a new job at General Mills has kept me too busy to do much “project-ing.”

When Aimee and I moved to Plymouth, I got a new bed! A twin. I love it! However, it looked a little small and bare; so, to accompany the bedspread I made, I decided to make a headboard!

Of course, as usual, I have little money to spend on random things like headboards, so I used what I had: a leftover strip of memory foam (I cut if from a queen-sized foam in order to make it fit my old full bed), an old blue shower curtain (I no longer have need for a shower curtain), and a curtain panel I bought at Unique Thrift Store last year for a couple dollars. I cut the foam in two and stacked them. I laid the drape panel and shower curtain flat under the memory foam strips and wrapped the strips with the fabric like a Christmas package, sewing and pinning as I went.

And, of course, if you ever sew a headboard on a rainy day, you must watch Psych.

As of now, I’ve nailed the “headboard,” which is more of a flat pillow, directly to the wall behind my bed, but I hope to attach it to particle board or plywood eventually. 🙂 It’s nothing fabulous, but I like it!

Rebecca ❤


One Comment to “Sewing Shenanigans: Homemade Headboard :)”

  1. Your room is so stinking cute! I will be forever jealous of your amazingly creative craft skills 🙂

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