On the Drawing Board: Alexa Update :)

Getting a little further…


2 Comments to “On the Drawing Board: Alexa Update :)”

  1. Wow! Thanks for showing the updates. When I sketch I simply cannot figure out the eyes (or those nose, or nostrils, or much of anything). Your sketch is spectacular and makes me want to give it a go.

  2. Thanks so much! It’s definitely a process. You should for sure “give it a go”! It’s a lot of fun. I use a really clear reference photo, just leave it on my computer screen, zooming in to the particular area I’m sketching at the time. It’s slow going. These photos are about 8-9 hours in. Making the grid and light outline (which are now mostly erased or covered) took about 5 hours. I’m hoping the end product will be pretty neat though! Keep checking back. I’ll continue to post updates.

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