My Kitchen Today: Shahi Korma and Naan

So, I have fallen in love with the India Palace here in Roseville. Their Chicken Shahi Korma and Naan (Indian flatbread)? Dreamy. Today, I’m going to see if I can cook anything close to it. Stay tuned for pictures and eval. 😉 Wish me luck! (here are the recipes I kind of followed… Shahi KormaNaan)

Working on Shahi Korma…

Working on Naan…


Yummy! I’m so proud! I can think of a few improvements, and it’s not the most beautiful food ever,  but, hey, it’s my first EVER attempt at making Indian food! And it’s really good!

NOTES TO SELF: make water warmer when activating yeast; Naan dough is VERY sticky, so don’t let it gum in the beaters; make sure you have all the right ingredients (I had to substitute Weight Watchers whipped cream cheese for plain yogurt).


3 Comments to “My Kitchen Today: Shahi Korma and Naan”

  1. Ooh! ❤ I expect pictures!

  2. India Palace is a favorite for our family. Their Naan is terrific. Your recipe looks good!

  3. @kirkistan I went to India Palace for the first time with Judy Hougen and the Inkstone crew in May. I just loved it! I’m a big fan of trying new things, so making these recipes was fun! Hope all’s well with you!

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